Recommendations for Ian...

Phil Clothier CEO Barrett Values Centre
Ian Bryan has the ability to create strategy and understanding based on big picture views and then bring that down to practical action and follow through. Even when things don't go exactly to plan, Ian faces up to the reality to get things back on track. He is a visionary, professional, fun to be with has a huge heart. His slightly sideways look at the world breaks down stuck patterns in people and organisations and unlocks new possibilities.
Phil Clothier CEO, Barrett Values Centre
Bark Bardoe
Appointing Ian as our public relations advisor was one of the best decisions we ever made at Promethean. Architect of our marketing strategy deployed to enable Promethean to grow in the US market, Ian and his team developed a focused strategy of leveraging video based customer material which not only helped the company to participate and win public bids but also ensured that we achieved millions of dollars in ROI from his efforts...
Mark Bardoe Chief Marketing Officer, Promethean LTD
Ian was the first to recognize our potential as an international player, and moved rapidly to maximize our strengths and ensure our positioning. For our organization he was able to create and manifest almost any connection or outcome in short order. Dynamic, tireless, visionary, and amazingly well-connected in all spheres, and at all levels of a variety of businesses, social groups and media and communications outlets, hence, Ian's efforts are amplified and global...
John Hunter Film Star and Creator of The World Peace Game

“I am not a thing, a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process… an integral function of the Universe.” ~Buckminster Fuller